The Young Danube - Germany

Ride from the source of the mighty Blue Danube.
  1. 1 Arrival Point Donaueschingen

    "Brigach und Breg bringen die Donau zuweg" is the phrase people say here meaning that the Brigach and Breg rivers jointly form the Danube. The Romans considered the spring in the parkland of Castle Fürstenberg to be the source. The castle, in the style of the Belle Epoque, is an impressive testimony to Fürstenberg Family's former significance. Reserved rental bicycles are parked at the hotel.

  2. 2 Donaueschingen 45/50 km Mühlheim / Fridingen

    The first section takes you through the Baar region. In Immendingen you can witness a spectacular natural scene known as the Danube Sink, where the river disappears for a large part of the year into the limestone ground. Instead of flowing into the Black Sea, the Danube flows via the Aachtopf, Lake Constance and the Rhine into the North Sea. Behind Tuttlingen, the valley narrows and you reach Beuron with its well-known Benedictine Monastery.

  3. 3 Mühlheim / Fridingen 50 / 45 km Sigmaringen

    Today, you follow the Danube enjoying the wonderful countryside that has evolved in this valley over the course of the years. Limestone cliffs, looming over 100 metres high, line your path. Every once in a while you will spy castles or ruins perched on top of the rocks. In Sigmaringen the historic Hohenzollern Castle awaits you. It is still home to the Hohenzollern family today. 

  4. 4 Sigmaringen 50 km Obermarchtal
  5. 5 Obermarchtal 65 km Ulm

    You follow the river or take a detour via Blaubeuren. This is where a spring emerges in the Blautopf, which marks the start of a huge system of caves. The colour of the water is so blue it looks as if it is dyed. This blue river takes you to the Swabian town of Ulm, which boasts the highest church tower in the world. It takes 768 steps to climb up it. You are rewarded at the top with views of the Alps.

  6. 6 Ulm 50 / 55 km Lauingen / Dillingen

    Between Ulm and Dillingen, small town follows small town. They are all located flood safe on raised ground and have been beautifully preserved. Over 50 million little bricks in all manner of colours and shapes can be admired in Legoland in Günzburg. Lauingen, the "Town of Towers" is just before Dillingen, which you will recognize by its magnificent castle.

  7. 7 Lauingen / Dillingen 45 / 40 km Donauwörth

    Taking you through the meadowland around the Danube, your last section of the tour takes you to Donauwörth at the mouth of the Wörnitz. This is where the former most important trade route between Nuremberg and Augsburg crossed the Danube. The elegant houses here are a reminder to us today of the town's historic importance. The Käthe-Kruse doll museum is a treat not only for children.

  8. 8 Donauwörth Departure

    Your cycle tour along the Swabian Danube ends after breakfast. We would be happy to extend your stay in Donauwörth if you like.




Personalised tours are available for groups of 4 or more riders. You may like to add extra days, choose a different arrival day, modify the itinerary.

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