Cycling all year round

Cycle each area with the best weather conditions

Many people are put off coming to Spain on a cycling holiday due to the weather. They think it's going to be just too hot - and they are probably right! During the summer months Spain is one of the hottest and driest countries in Europe with temperatures climbing up to 40ºC - 105ºF or even more - too much for your average cyclist.

However, the coast and mountains of Asturias and Cantabria are the exception to the rule. Summer months are a lot milder and not as dry as in the rest of Spain and mean that cycling is a pleasure and the landscape is kept fresh and green. Our tour programme here begins in spring and runs right through to autumn.

The pleasant temperatures of April / May and September / October means these are the best months for cycling in other areas of Spain such as La Rioja or Andalusia.

Out of season visitors will be catered for. However, we request that they check weather statistics before booking.


Weather Statistics

Click on the following links for monthly average weather statistics for our various trips:

Cantabria & Asturias Routes

Andalusia - White Villages of Andalusia

Andalusia - The Route of the Moors

La Rioja - The Descent of the River Ebro