Something for every ability

All Iberocycle tours offer some things in common:

We transport you from and to your arrival and departure points. You stay comfortable and distinctive lodging with full breakfast. We provide detailed route guides and maps of the Spain we know. You cycle at your own pace -- there is no forced rate of speed or requirement to follow a lead rider. All of our routes have optional extensions. You may choose these on any day you wish to see or do even more.

We offer three types of holidays to satisfy different travel preferences - guided tours, self-guided tours, and independent tours.

Self-Guided Tours:

Self-Guided tours are from 5 to 12 nights and depart weekly from April through October. They visit regions of Cantabria and Asturias in Northern Spain, as well as Lanzarote, the Rioja, Portugal, and the Camino de Santiago. Some tours enjoy more mountain scenery while others spend more time cycling the coast. IberoCycle transports your luggage to your next hotel - you carry only what you need during the day. On some stages, we offer to carry riders and their bicycles part of the way to avoid unnecessary climbs. 

Tailor-Made Tours

On our Tailor-Made Tours, you are the boss. We can design a tour for you based on our Northern Spain network. This tour would take into account your start and finish date, and also your requested daily mileage. Luggage transfer can also be budgeted into the tours, or if you prefer you can carry your own.

Guided Tours

Our Guided Tours visit regions throughout Spain. Like our self-guided tours, we transport your luggage to your next hotel. In addition, you are accompanied by a bilingual IberoCycle staff member with a back-up vehicle as part of trip. If you wish to rest for a leg of the tour, we can transport you for all or part of the way. If you don't cycle at all but would like to visit the colorful towns on our route, we can transport you on our van. These trips are thus suitable for travelers of any fitness level or couples, where one member cycles but the other doesn't .

If you have special requirements beyond any of these holiday tours, contact us about developing a customized tour for your group.