Everything is taken care of...

Experience immense satisfaction and relaxation.

A cycling trip is not just a holiday; it's a whole new way of enjoying and appreciating your leisure time. Pedalling through new and unknown countryside is an incomparable experience that people repeat year after year. Few holidays offer the immense satisfaction and relaxation to be found on a bicycle trip. Cares and worries are left behind and stress disappears as we glide through country lanes, where a surprise awaits around every bend. The rider enters into direct contact with nature through the scents, sounds and beauty of the countryside. Enjoy peaceful country roads away from busy main thoroughfares. On the bike it's just so much easier to stop and appreciate picturesque villages and marvellous scenery. A cycling holiday has so much to offer.

On our trips, everything is taken care of for you. On both guided and self-guided tours our riders can choose their own company - or lack of it! Routes are carefully described, so no time is wasted on unnecessary deviations. Our extensive IberoCycle Route Guide booklet shows us where to go and what to see and do, along with recommendations on food, drink and restaurants. At the end of every stage there is a comfortable bed a shower, and the satisfaction of sipping a cool drink while reflecting on another day's unique experience. We transport your luggage from hotel to hotel, so you can pack all you need knowing that you won't have to carry it. All you have to do is pedal!

The tours have been organised and tested by experienced cycle-tourists who would like you to enjoy the marvellous scenery to be found along these routes and share their delight in this fine and unspoilt country.

IberoCycle staff will help with bicycle adjustments, route information, suggestions, advice, or anything else that will contribute to your enjoyment of your holiday. On most tours you will be visited by our couriers at periodical intervals during your trip to ensure that everything is running smoothly. We are sure you will find this personal service an important part of the holiday.

IberoCycle is run by Simon Proffitt. Born in Lancashire, England, Simon has been resident in Northern Spain since 1985. He is a keen amateur cyclist and cycle-tourist, and is well acquainted with Spain and the Spanish way of life.