Talking Mirrors - Bike Eye

With all the talk about bicycle safety and helmets lighting etc. mirrors tend to be neglected. Helmets are obligatory now in many countries, as are lights when riding in conditions or poor visibility. However, nobody seems to think mirrors are an important or even fundamental accesory. I fitted a handlebar mirror when cycling with my seven-year-old daughter on a trailer bike in Portugal. I wanted to know exacly what was behind me and at what distance. Cars nowadays are so quiet, it is often impossible to hear until they are overtaking. It is indeed a tremendous advantage to have that rear view and to be able to position yourself accordingly. 

At present we are testing a mirror from a company called Bike-Eye. Many mirrors sit of course on the handlebars and are vulnerable to damage or breakage. The Bike-Eye is attached to the downtube, and the rear view is provided by looking back through your knees. Sounds a little awkward, and it takes a bit of getting used to, 

If you have any feedback or recommendations on mirrors, drop us a line at IberoCycle, and we will publish your comments.