Bike mechanics online

Internet / YouTube is now a great source of online visual tutorials on for maintenance and repair of bicycles. It is worth looking at these for even the simplest operations such as repairing a puncture to pick up all sorts or useful tips. And if it is something you haven't done before, take a look at various sources to get a good idea of what you are going to do. The following sources have come to our attention:


MadeGood - online bike magazine and forum. The videos are clear and well-presented. Feature on the Guardian newspaper bike blog. This video shows you how to find the source of a puncture:



Evans Cycles - well-known national U.K bike shop. This video explains how to pack your bike for travelling by plane:



Velotique - Bike shop based in Toronto, Canada. Well-explained mechanical procedures. Here is how to check if your chain is worn out:


Click on the logos to find more information on the respective websites. Thanks to all of these sources for adding their knowledge to the Internet pool.